Refer a Friend
What is the Refer a Friend program?
Refer a friend to giga before 30 November 2019 and earn gigaBucks for yourself and a discount for your friend.

Your friend may key in your personalized referral promo code when signing up for a new giga line to enjoy $10 off for their first month! That’s not all, as an active giga subscriber, you will earn $2 gigaBucks for every friend you refer once they have activated their services!
What are gigaBucks?
gigaBucks are credit stored in your gigaWallet that you can use to offset your monthly giga mobile subscription charges and/or to purchase extras or optional giga! Services.
What is a gigaWallet?
Your gigaBucks are stored in your gigaWallet. You will see the gigaWallet icon for all related transactions
What is the validity period of my gigaBucks?
Your gigaBucks are valid for 90 days from earning them. You will receive in-App notifications for every successful incoming transaction of your gigaBucks. Notification settings can be changed under your phone settings
Where can I locate my gigaWallet?
Your gigaWallet can be found on your dashboard. Simply launch the App and look for wallet icon with a 'g' on it. g for giga-tastic!
Where can I retrieve my personalized referral promo code?
We've made it easy for you to refer your friends! Simply launch the App > click on the mega menu icon > Refer a friend. You may also click on your wallet > Earn gigaBucks to retrieve your promo code to share!
Will I receive gigaBucks for new giga customers only?
Earn gigaBucks for any new line sign ups regardless of whether your friends/ followers are new to or already part of the giga experience!
What can I use my gigaBucks for?
gigaBucks will be automatically used to offset your plan payment, whether in part or in whole. Feel free to use gigaBucks to purchase extras or optional giga! Services as well!
Can I pay partially using my gigaBucks?
When you purchase extras, you will have the option to use your gigaBucks during payment as long as you have some stored value in your gigaWallet. You may then pay the remaining with your card added to your account.
Is there a limit to the number of friends I can refer?
Refer as many friends as you can before 30 November 2019 so that they can be a part of the giga experience too! Viva la giga!
When does Refer a Friend end?
Keep the good times rolling! Refer your friend and have them activate their lines by 30 November 2019 so that you can earn gigaBucks.
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